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Kdn. to Gr. 9


Welcome to Grayson School!


The Grayson School Crest was designed during the 1961-62 school term as a visual reminder of our Mission Statement, ​​"Always Progressing".

Centered on the foreground of the circular crest is green capital letter "G" crowned by a white lamp, nestled in green foliage.

The 'G' represents our school community of Grayson.

The white lamp represents the lamp of knowledge, knowledge which is attained through diligence and dedication, while the red flame from the lamp represents the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit in the midst of our deliberations.

The green leafy foliage represents the farming community and roots of our people.

In the background, the yellow or gold depicts the golden wheat fields of prosperity on which our community depends.

Encompassing green and black circular bands inscribed with the name of our school and motto, "Always Progressing", draws together the symbolic visual of a community, supporting the progressive attitude of learning, growing and developing based on Christian values.


"Always Progressing"